Permanent Makeup

Wake up with make-up!

Do you want to look fantastic when you've just woken up? Permanent make-up is what you need! Book an appointment with us today.

We offer just what you're looking for

Save yourself the time spent on make-up with permanent make-up solutions from Melanie Marsella Permanent Cosmetics in Uttoxeter. Our services include:
  • Hairstroke eyebrow (£395) - A natural life like brow is created using a tattoo needle and implanting pigment under the skin. This harmless procedure is perfect for people who want to fill gaps in their eyebrows or for those who want to have the look of good hair coverage. For more information on our eyebrow tattooing service, we're happy to help.
  • Lash Enhancement (£395) - The eyes are considered the prime focal point and having fuller looking lashes will give you a refreshed look without having the need to use mascara or eyelash extensions. You can be sure of a stunning outcome with our lash enhancement technique. The result is natural, making the lashes look thicker. 
  • Lip Liner with Small Blush (£395) - Get rid of an uneven lip shade and shade with this cost-effective treatment. We can also help make thin lips look fuller and youthful. The lip liner will improve the shape and the blush adds colour. It's the perfect combination that you need for impeccable lips.
All prices include a re-touch procedure within 3 months of the initial procedure. Based in Uttoxeter, we serve the Staffordshire area. Book an appointment with us today!
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permanent make up

Why choose permanent make-up?

  • Reduce time and effort spent on make-up
  • It's a perfect option if you have cosmetic allergies
  • No need to worry about make-up wearing off
  • Creates fuller and more defined features
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Enhance your facial features

Worried about your make-up wearing off throughout the day? We have the solution for your active lifestyle - permanent make-up! For the perfect eyes, eyebrows and lips, get in touch with us today.
For more information on eyebrow tattooing and lash enhancement in Staffordshire, contact Melanie Marsella Permanent Cosmetics on
07813 133 264
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